Jul 21, 2008

Schedual is done

I was able to get the final schedual done this last week. I am so glad! I only did the first 12 weeks so that I can easily make adjustments if things arent going as I planned. At about week 7 or so if things are working (or not) I will finish out the year schedual and be done with it. I am just waiting for our student pages to show up for SOTW. I am in the process of making a binder for the kids that will have all their worksheets, assignments, and other info in it for the week. I figure this will help Caitilin know exactly what we are doing and Ian will be able to entertain himself while we are doing school. I am going to print off some worksheets and games for Ians binder. I have an account with Enchanted Learning so I figure I might as well utilize it.
We went to my moms this weekend and I noticed a billboard on the highway for the local museam. They have on exhibit an exhibit called World of the Pharoahs. Perfect! Since we will be touching on ancient Egypt within the first few weeks we are going to make a trip over there to check it out. I think Caitlin will really like it.
So the only thing left in my planning is some awesome feild trips. I think I will only plan one a month, but make them an all day family event. I dont know, we'll see what I find.

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