Nov 10, 2008

A weekly update

My sister is here visiting. She will be here for another week. Last week it was so chaotic here that we took a week off from school. We didnt make it to the African Childrens Choir after all. I am bummed about that, I think the kids would have loved it.

We start a new term this week. We will be studying different artists and the tecniques they use. We are going to start with Van Gogh. I picked up a book of his artwork and life story at a local thrift store for .50 a while back. It is perfect to begin our studies and shows the many works that he did.
Handwriting is a nightmare. Caitlin honestly hates it and can take F.O.R.E.V.E.R to write 4 simple sentances. I cant figure out what to do to make it more enjoyable. If you have an idea please post a comment!
I picked up a book about rivers at another thrift store this weekend. It has lots of experiments and what nots. I think we will do a few of those this week for science. Mr. Q just isnt working out. It is a great program but for us it is too much. It is set up for 3 days a week. It has too much reading that Caitlin 1. cant read all by herself yet (something she wants to do!) and 2. bores her. I can only keep her attention with it for a few minutes max. I think I will come up with my own program but still follow the recommendations from WTM. So anyway rivers and other bodies of water will be the topice of interest the next few weeks I do belive until I get something set up.
I will post some pictures of our up and coming field trip.

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