Dec 21, 2008

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Its fantastic here, a near blizzard out my window and its wonderful. I love it and I cant wait to see how much we get out of this storm. I dont know how people cant like this season. Its so relaxing (yes I do go outside and drive!) and peaceful. Ahhhh nothing is better than fall and winter in my opinion. Love it Love it Love it.
The kids are loving it too. Tomorrow is snow fort day, or at least snowman day depending on how big of drifts we get out back. Last year took the cake, I would love to see it get beat this year.
Christmas shopping is done. All presents are wrapped. I was totally lame this year and didnt sew a single thing for anyone. I tried but managed to screw up (well almost) 10 yards of fabric. Dont ask. I will tell you this, I have more pj pants in Christmas prints than I ever wanted. Grrr. Anyway I managed to get the deal of the year yesterday. Wanna see???

I bought 2 of these for under $100 bucks. I have been pricing them for a year now and I havent found them for under $100 each. Yesterday I walked into a great kids store I havent ever been in and they had them for 60% off! WOOT WOOT. Seriously I couldnt pass them by. They will be great for the kids school and honestly they will think they are the coolest thing since....I dont know granola bars or something. :)

This year we started a new family tradition. We hate the mass commercialization of the season. We hate the extreame buying. We hate the frantic pace set by everyone. And we hate dealing with the "Oh what to get? Did we get enough?"....blah blah that we have dealt with years past. Anyway we have started a 3 theme. Something to wear, something to play, and something to read. Simple sweet and to the point. LOVE IT. I shared the thought with a friend and she said her sister did it also, except she did it because there were 3 wisemen at Christs birth. Her philosophy was that Christ only had 3 gifts why should the rest of us have more. Hmmmm somthing to think about there.

Caitlins play gift is a cookie baking set and her book is the Blue Fairy book.

Ians play gift is a tool set and his book is a collection of Aseops Fables. No pics sorry.

We didnt really worry about Lauren. We'll get her a little something and then give her the boxes from everything else. :D She'll be in heaven.

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