Dec 29, 2008

Monday Monday

It is most definatly Monday around here. I am trying to figure out if I should demolish a wall in the house or go for a long walk. You know the kind of day I am having right? Its good though. The snow is still here, although sadly it is melting, the fire is burning and the house smells good. So even though I want to go crazy, life is good.

Last night for dinner we had baked potatoes (they took FOREVER to cook errr) for dinner. I made up some buttermilk cole slaw to go with them. Now I am the only one in the family that really likes a good slaw but the other will eat it if they have too. Last night they had too. Anyway I am a cook book feind. I have, not kiddin, something like 30 cookbooks plus the random recipes that print off line. I figured last night was a perfect time to try out a new recipe. I pulled out a new one by Katie Lee Joel (Billy Joels wife). Most everything I have tried from this book has been good, until the cole slaw. Now it wasnt bad by any means but it wasnt good either ya know. WAY too much apple cider vinegar for my liking (and I love vinegar!) and a bit much pepper. So over all eh. I will probably tweak it a few times until it works for me.

The garden catalougs are starting to pour in. Ohhh you know me and the garden goodies. I have to say though, I am somewhat dissapointed in the amount of hybrids I am seeing in my good ole' organic cataloges. Now I know it is possible to be both and I know and understand the benefits of hybrids but really I want to know that my plant is going to produce seeds that I can save if I want to with out getting some compromised veggie. Am I weird in this thinking?

So anyway I will be pouring over the goodies, planning an overflowing garden, dreaming of tasty goodness, and otherwise relaxing for the rest of the day. Life is good.

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Thompson Family said...

i love your blog! it's so cute-i truely do miss you guys...i have been meaning to call, hopefully i can in the next couple days..i am working right now :) Your family looks adorable and it looks like you had a great christmas!