Dec 31, 2008

The year is gone

Where did it go? It seems like just yesterday we were starting this year and expecting Lauren. It has gone way to fast for my liking. I used to think that people were dumb when they told me that time flies once you have kids. Only know do I realize how true that is. Caitlin is 6 now and it blows my mind. The years move to quickly for my liking.
This last year has been an interesting one for us. While rather uneventful it still has been full of change. It has been a big year for me on many levels and maybe one day I will tell everyone about that. I hope this next year can bring about just as many great changes and new experiance. There is so much to see and do that I hope I can accomplish at least a small portion of what I have planned. This next year I plan on working on being a better mom. A very tough thing for me. I know most moms are too hard on themselves and all but really this is something that I need to work on. I see things in myself that I am not happy with. I do things that remind me of other people and I am not okay with that. This next year I hope that I can actually spend more time with the kids doing things they want rather than just being a silent bystandard. Tough for me as I am not a crawl on the floor and play kind of person. I hope I can change this.
This coming year I plan on making a lot of changes to myself to make me better. I hope that by doing this I can find contentment within myself....something that has always eluded me. This year I hope that I can learn to turn off my mind, relax, and just be.

Happy New Year everyone, may the coming year be filled with hope, excitment, love and family.

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