Jan 11, 2009

Creation hiatus

My sewing machine is on the fritz. I can not begin to tell you how much control I have. I literally had to walk away from that machine last night for fear that I might throw it through the wall. Yes I know, I should probably be doing more yoga rather than making pants if that is my current way of handling stress. Honestly I dont mind my machine. It has been put to work over the years and I think the bugger is giving up. Grrrr...... so I have been searching for a new machine. Okay I'll be honest, I am dreaming of a new machine. And I found one, I think. Here it is.Its not a Bernina but I think it will do the trick jsut fine. The reviews were great on it. So maybe this month or next I will be heading over to Sears to purchase a beautiful new machine.

So I guess now I will have to move onto something else to create with. I have painted every room in the house (except the kitchen) a couple of times, at least. I do need to clean out the shed so that I can move the eliptical glider in that I am getting this month. (Can you say hello buns!) After reading Miss Maries blog, I want to get back into photography but well our camera stinks. I am feeling a little frustrated right now.

I better do some yoga.

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