Jan 18, 2009

Fabric store score

I managed to get some awesome patterns at the fabric store this weekend. Most of them for me which is a first in, well forever. I have been in the mood for some girly stuff lately so all the patterns I got (not all are pictured) were skirts, dresses, and fancier tops. I also picked up the fabric I need for the twilight quilt which was a pretty entertaining half hour. A friend of mine drove over with me and we had a blast giggling at the absolutly hideous fabric selection. I'll take a pick, belive me I choose the best ones that were offered!

Over all I didnt get half of what I wanted but I still have plenty to keep me busy. Add to that school starts on Tuesday, I will be busy for months!

JC Penny is having there winter clearance sale. Friday everything was 70% off. :D I scored some awesome tops for under 7 bucks. I dont normally shop in Pennys but I figured a sale couldnt hurt. It was great and we had a good girl time.

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