Jan 19, 2009

One of those days

Ever had one of those days where you wished that your ears were of the velcro variety so that you could calmly take them off and attach them to, oh I dont know, a stuffed animal or something. And if you could do this you could actually for a brief moment have some much desired and needed quiet. Yeah well I know these types of days WAY too often.. I love them, I just wish they came with a remote that could turn down the volume. Its a simple thing really, you would think some mom with 12 kids would have invented one by now. Wait maybe there are ears that velcro on and off (of which you would have to be over 18 to purchase and only with proof that you do in fact have young small kids. We wouldnt want the kids to get a hold of these bad boys, then they would never listen!) and a mom doesnt have the capital to get them mass produced. If you have the beautiful technology I'll invest everything I have!! Email me! NOW! If you have a remote email me NOW! I am a desperate woman. I will do what I have to.

On to more serious topics......okay I cant. Nope nothing serious today, just nonsense because when you are going insane slowly but surely (and very loudly) nonsense is all you can come up with. Off to my padded room. I will in the future discuss somehting of worth. I'll let you know when that is. Quite possibly you wont recieve that email for another 18 years.

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