Jan 9, 2009

Simply Create

I have been in a mood to create lately. I am glad about this because for the last year this desire has been nearly zip. Lately though it has hit me full force and everything that is currently standing in my house becomes subject to my need to change it up a bit. I have ended up with some really great changes in the house. (Blasted camera, I will share soon). The one thing I have been thinking about lately is how nearly everyone has some sort of creating passion. My sis knits, I sew, my mom draws, a friend writes, Dean plays the guitar. I love that everyone is drawn to creating something outside themselves for the pleasure of just doing so.

I laid in bed awake for quite a while last night thinking of all the things that I want to make here in the next little while. As most of you know I love to sew and this week I have added quite a few projects to the "want to make" list. I'll share a few with you.....

Yoga pants. I want a nice comfortable pair and I want them soon. I have a few fabrics that will work and they are being bumped up to the top of my sewing list.

Wrap dress: I love these on everyone else so I thought I would try one on myself. I have no fabric that will work for this dress but this weekend there is a killer sale at the fabric store. Count me there baby.
Curtains: I am going to make new curtains for the front room. I want somthing simple in design like the ones above. I am thinking a very dark red fabric (possibly taffeta) and maybe something with a very small embrodierd random design. Who knows what will strike my fancy when I get there though. This image was taken from this store on etsy..... I love some of the things in this shop!

I also plan on making the twilight mystery quilt. While I know that is a bit cheesy and dorky I am looking forward to it. I havent every made a mystery quilt and I think it will be fun.

Pin cushion Right now all of my pins sit in a little container and routinly get spilled by my helpers. If you are going to have a pin cushion why make it an ugly little red styrofom apple. Lets make it snappy right?

Diaper covers: I made up 5 the other day and they turned out great. They are just the wrong size! So now I will be making some more of these.

I am sure after a trip to the fabric store this list will be much longer, but for now this is good. Now its time to head to the fabric stash. Go on now, go create something for yourself.

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Monica said...

I want a pair of the yoga pants and a wrap dress! And I am right with you of trying to be a better momma...thanks for commenting on my dusty blog. :)