Jan 12, 2009

Speaking of creating

So I love blogs and I especially love blogs that show creative things. Go to one of my fav's Here and check out the giveaway she is doing. She makes awesome pretties. Who knows you may even win! :)

I am off to the fabric store today. I am going to that killer sale and will be stocking up on all the goodies for the below mentioned projects. I. WILL. MAKE. THAT. MACHINE. WORK.


Nicole said...

I got a simple sewing machine for christmas. I just have to learn how to sew. Speaking of, I need to go finish sewing patches on all of Paul's new uniforms before he gets back from his staff conf. :) Wish I lived close to you, so you could show me how to be creative.

Kim said...

:) One of these days we need to get together, lol do some craft projects. :)

Natalie Jane said...

Hey, thanks for the props :)