Mar 17, 2009

Food Storage

We have really been making it a point to get our food storage set up. A friend shared an awesome site with me. I added the button on the right column if you want to check it out. I used some of their worksheets to calculate how much food I need to buy to get us to 1yr storage. HOLY COW! That seems like a ton of food. But we are well on our way. This last week I was able to get some great deals for our regular food budget so I was left with nearly an extra $100. I was able to get a few cases of items we use plus condiments, 6lbs of rice, and a few odds and ends. It didnt seem like a lot at the store but when I got it home and veiwed it with the other items we have I have about 15 more meals plus snacks. Not bad eh?
I am going to post my meal plan for everyone to see. I try to make simple meals that use a lot of storage items so that I am always rotating my stock. I also try and use my crock pot as much as possible and cook more so that I have 2 meals. This works great sometimes and not so great others. :)

So our food storage goals (okay you can think it, this girl is obssesed with goals! I admit it is a personality flaw/virtue I have had all my life!)

1. Get 72 hour kits prepared and put in a safe spot.
2. Build a strong 3 month storage as soon as possible (almost there I think)
3. Get a 1 year storage.
4. Find more recipes that utilize long term storage items. (ie beans, rice, wheat).
5. Get organic non-gmo seeds for storage (SO important I will post why later!)

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Nicole said...

We have a good emergency preparedness couple in our ward. They've made me feel like I can actually get my food storage going...we finally have some room for it.