Mar 23, 2009

Home managment week in review

So the last week was not a good week for me. Laziness kicked in big time as well as the upcoming arrival of family. I lounged the first part of the week and then scrambled on Thursday and Friday to get back on track. It is not a pretty picture in the laundry room because of this.
So today I woke up renewed to get back to my schedual and so far so good. I had to do much more than maintaince cleaning just because of all the visitors and the mess made there. The laundry is stacked up but I am working through that pretty well. I am not really going to focus on kitchen day today but will bump that to later in the week when everything is back on track.

A few things:
* the major cleaning I give the kitchen every week as helped a ton as far as up keep. I notice that things like the baseboards and wall (near the garbage can) look a lot better all the time. I usually give these wipe up jobs to the kids as they think its fun.
* Doing Laundry all on one day is fine in theory but it sure is a complete bore and I usually end up leaving a load for the next week. I am thinking about doing a load every other night throughout the week so it never piles up. (This is assuming I make it through the current pile!)
* Making 2 batches of granola each week is PERFECT. We are loving it!
* The kids seeing me take the time to do this each week are slowly improving on their own cleaning. Since getting their room organized with the bins they keep their room much tidier. Also the mess does not get as out of control as before.

This picture: Mainly herbs but some perenial flowers.

The garden is coming along great. Dean got 2 raised beds this weekend and we ordered 15 fruit trees. They should be here in about 6 weeks or so. The raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and asperagus that we ordered will be here next month. We have a lot to do to get ready for them but we are excited.

Broccoli, cabbage, brussle sprouts and other herbs and flowers

The starts here in the kitchen are covering nearly all the counters on one side. It is annoying to a degree to have all the space taken up. The kitchen never quite feels completely clutter free. However all those little green sprouts totally make my day. Most of them have their first set of true leaves coming in so that is great! The tomatoes had a harder time this year germinating. I think this is because I have them in a different place that doesnt stay has warm. They finally popped up last night, although I am still waiting on quiet a few to show some action.

Top: Onions, they smell fantastic already. They need to be trimmed down a bit.
Bottom: My poor tomatoes. Today they will be moved to the dishwasher by the window. I am hoping that this place gives them more incentive to perk up and get growing!

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LeCheminant said...

Oh I am envying! I am so ready to get out and work in the yard. I'm going to get my stuff started the first part of April. I want fruit trees and berries!I got a couple of apple but they didnt do so hot last year because of the lack of care they've gotten from past owners. Good luck!