Mar 11, 2009

Homemaking week 1

Really its like making those lists was all I needed to kick my butt into gear! My kitchen looked great (notice past tense, need to work on that one!) and I actually got everything done except for the bread. (I didnt need any and not enough freezer space.) The granola turned out incredible. Seriously some of my best ever. I also have used my crock pot nearly every night and that has been so nice. I tried a pizza recipe the other night that I will definatly be using again. It was YUMMY. I wasnt as good about my office day yesterday. I didnt get my work space cleaned but I console myself with the fact that somehow I got ahead in to of my classes! WOO HOO. So not to shabby there. Today I wont be going to town so I will clean the desk area, go through the toys, move a few bookshelves and otherwise do big organization day.
Something that I stared this week with the kids are chore bags. Happy chores and mad chores to be exact. I have a baggie of little strips with chores like scrub the toilet, wipe the cabinets, and vacuum the chair on it. Every morning they wake up and seriously BEG me to pick a chore (happy chore bag). Its great and they actually wanted to do more. :) I didnt let them I want those little strips to remain a novelty as long as possible! Then the mad bag is when they get mean and ornery with someone. They have to pick something out and do it. Some say a simple chore I know they like doing like dusting but most of them say things like do the hokey pokey, sing a silly song as loud as possible, or run around the house 3 times. Ian had to take a mad strip this morning and boy was he sour!! He got the hokey pokey and he pouted the whole time. It was entertaining but afterward he was so much happier.

Things like this seem tedious to me most of the time. I want everyone to be helpful, happy and kind all the time but we all know it rarely goes that way! This has helped a lot this week so hopefully the trend continues until it becomes habit.

I started seeds on Saturday and yesterday and I have a ton of sprouts already. I always get so excited to see those little green things poking up. It makes my dad. The kids love to lift the lids first thing in the morning to see what kind of activity went on while we slept.

The little things, they keep life interesting.

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Dallas and Shelby Scoffield said...

My seeds don't look like that. Hmmm- why don't they look like that?