Mar 5, 2009

Housekeeping goals

Okay this is a few days late in getting out but here it is. My goals this month have to due with housekeeping. In the time before I had kids I was a total neat freak and out house was always nice and tidy. Every Saturday morning was spent listening to a wide array of acoustic rock while I cleaned, vacuumed and scrubbed out little apartments. LOL looking back there wasnt anything to clean or scrub. Fast forward to 1 kid and everything still stays the same. 2 kids? Eh not too much changes for the first year and then BAM! land of the toys, clutter, and choas. My well organized head and life took a huge and I do mean huge nosedive. Like out of an airplane high in the sky nosedive. Now we have 3 kiddos and choas has reached a whole new level. I cant handle it and it drives me insane. Now if any of you have already been there done that please dont tell me "dont worry about the toys and the mess just enjoy your kids." I appreciate this advice, truley I do but there comes a time when it is just talk. You know it and I know it, lets just move on ya know. :)

So here is the run down for the month of March:
1. Reorganize home managment binder
2. Establish housekeeping schedual
3. Establish a list of kid chores that they are to help with each day.
4. Find ways to cut costs and time in my homemaking routine.
5. Find joy in taking care of my home.

Not a huge list but it will definatly be work for me. And judging from the current state of my home, I need to start today.

***I have added links to the right side to access my cleaning lists for the week. Feel free to print them off if you want to try/tweak my system.


Thompson Family said...

Great goals for March! I also do a "cleaning schedule". I hate to be cleaning all day or even most of the day so what I found works for me is I clean 1-2 things per day, I do them in the morning and then i am done! i.e. Monday-sinks,microwave Tuesday-Mirrors, bathtub Wednesday-mop floors (kitchen/bathroom), Thursday-Organize bedrooms/dust, Friday-Toilets. We clean toys up out of the living room through-out the day but mostly before bed, I vacuum the living room every morning and I keep the kitchen tidy everyday-each night before I go to bed I start the dishwasher and a load of laundry. So...thats what works for ME! Good luck!

Kim said...

I like your system! Maybe if my new one doesnt work I will give it a try. My goal with this schedual is be done within 2 hours (well except the whole bread baking thing). Hopefully the kiddos will be helping me too.

Dallas and Shelby Scoffield said...

Quite ambitious my friend! Let me know how it goes.