Mar 11, 2009

Life 'round here

Lauren loves to share the block with some one. She shoves it in your mouth and then puts in hers. Then she shakes her head and attempts to laugh with a block shoved in her mouth. :) Very cute.

Life has been busy as usual but things have been much smoother as of late. I finally got my hormones in check (they were WAY out of whack!) and its amazing how much easier I am able to handle things. Crazy. :)
We are midway through the semester Yippee! I got a letter in the mail a little while ago that I qualify to join the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. Its based on GPA and apperently its a pretty cool thing. I wil probably join but that means I will have to pay a little more attention to school. I admit I have been a total slacker this semester and while I am still maintaining A's its definatly on the low end of the spectrum. Not much wiggle room till I hit the B's. My goal is to get focused again. I also need to decide my major. Argh. I have no idea.

The kiddos are doing good. We switched our reading program and while it works much better Caitlin is having a hard time with it. Reading doesnt come easy to her if she is thinking about it. However she can sit down with Dean and sound out full chapters of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. So we have been encouraging her to read harder books and the scriptures. She is motivated in that form, so what can I do.
We are nearly done with our first grade year. Other than reading she is totally ready to go onto second grade. I want to get her reading up to par. With this new book by the end of it she will be reading near a 5th grade level (I belive anyway). So we'll keep plugging on.

I have been having issues with my serger and sewing machine. Oh nothing makes me more irritated than that! I have been working on 4 dozen diapers (converted prefolds if you know the lingo) for a friend and yesterday I made Caitlin a dress. It turned out really cute and of course she loves it because it twirls!

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