Mar 12, 2009

My reading list

As you know I am working on reading a book a week for the year. It isnt too much of a challenge because I routinly read this much but its fun anyway. However after the last set of books I read I was left feeling so blah. I mean really really the plots dont change that much, the characters always fall "in love" with someone cause they are oh so sexy, and the sex scenes I totally skip! I need some new reads!
One of my goals this year is to develop my spiritual side a bit more. I feel out of all my weaknesses this is probably the biggest and yet most important. So I decided that I am going to look for some good fiction and non fiction that will actually be uplifting. :) I know shocker to some of you but there you have it.
If anyone has reccomends that would be great. I am up for anything at this point. I will head to the totally awesome book store this weekend to see what I can see. I'll share if I get any.

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LeCheminant said...

I always enjoyed reading Anita Stansfield. I also started Fishers Of Men but never finished the series cuz I couldnt find book 2. I'll try to think of some others that I thought were good.