Mar 11, 2009

Organization today

I did the kids bookshelves today. They were a mess. The shelf set (above) that has the colored bins use to have all the books and toys shoved on it. Add in odds and ends, paper, "treasures", and it was a total mess ALL THE TIME. I hated it. So today I threw up a couple of shelves in the cubby whole (that used to be for diaper storage) and moved the books over. Science and history books are on the right side with "fun" (not that science and history arent) reads everywhere else. The white bin is filled with easy readers.
On the big shelves I put a bunch of colored bins that I got at the dollar store. I tend to want to sort everything thing in the bins and then put a cute label on. Not good for this house. So this time I the toys in the bins and put them on the shelf. Presto done. Clutter is contained and I am a happy mom.

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