Apr 1, 2009

A food storage challange

So we are in one of those situations where.....hmmm whats the saying.....oh yes we "dont have 2 pennies to rub together." We have had some unexpected expenses arise that we have to take care of. What a pain. So aside from the meager savings we have we decided rather than using a credit card (Nasty filthy little things!) That we would use our food budget for the next 2 weeks to take care of everything. WHAT! You might think, no food for 2 weeks. Ahhhh remember I have my food storage. :D Now we are beyond low on fresh veggies and fruits, I mean seriously we have an apple and 3 grapefruits and a ton of potatoes. So I will go grab a few fresh things but that is it. Nothing else for the next 2 weeks! :D

I figure this came at an awesome time since this months goals are all about food. I will post the recipes and meals that I do this next 2 weeks just to see what I can come up with out of what I already have. Who knows maybe I'll cave and go get groceries but I am hoping that with a little ingenuity I can come up with some really great meals to add to our rotation. Wish me luck!

I will post my goals in another post today after I have had some time to ponder.

Happy Spring everyone!

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