Apr 24, 2009

The garden

You know what I love. Gardening. Yeah big shocker there huh. But really there is something so cool about playing in the dirt (I'm just a big kid!) and then later seeing something bloom. It is so cool to me that life exists in a seed and all it needs is a little water and warmth. Something simply profound about it all.

Anyway even though the house is up for sell I decided to put in a garden. We got 3 raised beds filled the other night so I planted potatoes, beets, carrots, sunflowers, lettuce, and some other things that escape me now. I can not wait to see the little bits of green begin to pop up. I also got the strawberries planted. (Thanks again Dallas!) I had HUGE plans for strawberries this year but with the move I wanted to scale down a bit. I sold the 100 plants I bought along with the asperagus and only planted the strawberries that were given to me. Probably 25 plants total. This will fill in the space nicely without being overwhelming.

So now I am dreaming of fresh strawberry smoothies, fresh baby salads with a light vinagarette dressing, and beautfully tasty fresh beans. Oh and lets not forget my fav veggie, yummy carrots. (Hey Nicole remember when we would pull your moms carrots long before they were ready and she would get mad because she didnt have any left at harvest?)
Life is so good during the growing season.

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Nicole said...

We're trying to get a garden started this year. It's just hard b/c I can't bend over right now and Paul is busy with work. My mom is here and is helping us at least get the garden ready for planting. I also don't remember pulling mom's carrots early...but I have a bad memory.
I also wanted to ask you about cloth diapers...we're thinking about them for this new baby. I'll send you an email.