May 12, 2009

I found a great site!

I am a total fruit and veggie lover. Our grocery budget is probably 90% spent of produce. The stuff is amazing and we go through veggies like mad. I am always interested in new recipes or varieties to try, there is just so much goodness out there. :)

I am also a freakishly obssessed planner. This includes meal planning. I love to meal plan and search through recipes and cook. Its all one continuous process for me. Today I stumbled over a link on a forum that I thought I would share.

This site is made for us veggie lovers (especially those who are part of a CSA.) Put in your veggie, hit enter and you will get a list of recipes that contain the food. Press the box and it automatically adds all the ingredients to a shopping list. Pretty cool huh.

I will be playing around with this more today and I can't wait to use it. Farmers market and garden season is upon us now, this will com in handy!

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