Jun 24, 2009

Doctor Update

So yesterday was my first appointment. WOW what a nut job that lady was! Now I am a pretty open minded person but there are some people who make me want to run in the opposite direction, this midwife was definatly one of them. By the end of the appointment I thought to myself "Not on your life would I ever let you do anything of a technical nature near my body or my childs!!" So I will be searching for a different provider. I would love to use the midwife I used with Lauren but with the new laws that passed in Idaho I am stuck with a junky OB or CNM (who then can transfer me to an OB for the 4th glorious c-section, Yes I am still bitter I am working on it!!). What can you do right, whats done is done.

The good news though since all that was a little snotty sounding is that I am 15 weeks 3 days, due December 13. With the schedualed c-section it looks like the baby will be here around the 6th depending on schedualing. The heart beat was 166 so that put us (theoretically anyway) firmly in girl range. Poor Ian stuck with all these girls. This house is going to be one estrogen filled war zone come teen years. Thankfully I have years to prepare myself for such a fate! Since I was a perfect teenager not prone to fits or attitudes I am sure I will have a difficult time relating. :D um yeah right huh?

So there is our news. Life is chaotic right now with our carefully laid plans completely blown out of the water. What a mess! We are just going at it with a smile. LOL okay I am for the most part since I love moving and change but well lets just say that Deans smile is more like a grimace. Poor guy got stuck with a gypsy like me.

Dean just applied to BYUI for winter term so we'll see how that goes. If all his credits transfer as we think they will he will be admitted as a Junior and we can fly through the next two years. Oh please Oh please Oh please let this work. :) We just want to get school done with and move on with the next stage in our life. Namely making more money and stability. So wish us luck. If BYUI doesnt work then he will apply to LCSC and if that doesnt work oh heaven only knows what we will do! Possibly look out of state or something who knows.

Sorry for no pics as of late. I have severe pregnancy brain and have forgotten to buy camera batteries for only the last month or two. Maybe this week I will remember and post some oh so sad empty house pics as we leave this place. :( We love this house and it will be sad to leave it but something else is on the horizon.

Okay that is the most random blog post I have ever done I do belive. Thats me though.....Random. :)

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