Jul 5, 2009

And you thought your week was bad!

Seriously this last week is something that is not likely to ever be forgotten by myself or Dean. It flat out sucked, in fact if I was the kind of gal that swore like a sailor I would share with you exactly just how last week was. But alas I am a nice young lady who doesnt use those words so you will have to live with sucked.

I will sum it up because honestly I would love to just have forgot it all. We have been planning a move for months now. Originally we were going to move to Utah for a job that was going to pay well and what not. That job fell through a few weeks ago when we were notified that the pay structure for it had been changed to a straight commission only (as opposed to the base plus commission before). Okay now big deal we'll find something else as we already had renters lined up for this place as of July 1st. So we did some pondering and what have you and came up with the wacky nutty idea to move to Burley (near Deans parents). This is where it gets fun. There is a home that Deans grandpa owns and rents out. His current tenents suck so we were going to move in on July first and everything was going to be hunky dory right.....ahhh not so. Two days before we are supposed to move (mind you the house is almost entirely packed at this point) we are given the wonderful news that the house will not be available to move into afterall until July 20th. Ummmm okay where in the crap will we live for nearly a month and 3 small children in tow? Oh no worries live with family. Hahaha now that is funny. Graciously both my inlaws and Grandpa offered to let us stay with them. As much as we didnt not want to after a few days of complete and under stress we almost decided to do it. Then we decided against it and called a friend to stay in their camper trailer. Okay were all set right? lol no.

I call the renters the July 2nd to tell them we are headed over to fix the small leak in the bathroom when I am bombarded with a polite yet snippy dumping that my house is filthy, so filthy that it will take 2 days to clean (which will be deducted from next months rent ofcourse), there is mold growing in the basement, and water puddling. HUH? What? I just left the place 24 hours ago and it wasnt like that. So we fly over the house expecting the worse. We didnt find it because IT DIDNT EXIST! The house was completely clean. The "filth" was a game closet I totally forgot to pack, some crumbs in a drawer that was missed in the wipe down, a oven that I forgot to turn on self cleaning (admitadly that was pretty bad!) and a freezer that had a spill (okay sticky juice suice is no picnic so I dont blame her on this one). However the rest was completely taken care of since I had some awesome friends help me clean the place out. Then the pooling water downstairs that I was told was just not safe and they wouldnt put their family in danger over (because it sat where the dryer would be) was a small puddle from the left over water in the lines when we disconnected. Grr. Oh but you might be thinking what about the mold, no one wants to live with mold it will kill you. Oh yes the mold (that she was positive was mold because she has seen it before) this horrible horrible mold... was wet cement. Yes you read that wet cement from the above mentioned puddle. I mean seriously who doesnt bend over and check it out before they freak that its mold? My renter apperently. Oh well no big deal all of this really. We cleaned up and all was good until we tackled the bathroom leak.

Lets just say the small crack in the pipe we thought was the issues was nothing. Nope nothing at all, the problem is that our entire drain line in the bathroom is plugged so bad that we cannot get a hanger down it!

After all this and a bunch of other stressful things I wont post online we wanted to cry. Cry like babies. Throw fits like babies, scream like babies. So this is the point where I politely and calmly called the renter and told her deal is off here is her money back and we headed back to Burley to get our things.

We moved out for a whole whopping 3 days and it will take my funeral to make me move from this house. I flat out refuse, will not consider, will not move EVER AGAIN. It would take a very large sum of money (were talking Bill Gates isnt even worth enough to budge this body) and a large crow bar to ever pry me from this house. Not even the call of the beautiful pretty nice and cool northeast can sway me on this one. I. AM. DONE. MOVING. FOREVER.

This may not sounds bad to all of you but rest assured I am editing quite a bit and remember that sailor language, well that could come in to play quite a bit if I didnt. So here we are throwing ourselves a little house warming party with fresh groceries and a hooked up sound system and honestly I couldnt be happier.

I love home.

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Nicole said...

Wow! What a crazy story...I hope Dean makes it into BYU-I. It really is a great school.