Jul 16, 2009

The baby news

I know a lot of you already know this (don't you just love facebook!) but for those who don't here is some baby info.

We had the ultrasound on Tuesday. Everything looks great. We had hoped to find out the gender but found out that I am actually about 2.5 weeks off in my dating so instead of being 18 weeks I am almost 16. Because of this the Dr. wasn't able to tell the gender. He said it probably is a girl but boy parts can easily hide at 16 weeks. *Sigh* So we will have our final surprise in late Decemeber. My due date changed from the 13th of Dec to New Years Eve. Depending on the Dr. schedual the c-section will be schedualed sometime between the 21st and Christmas. My vote is the 21st so I can be out of the hospital and home to spend Christmas with the kids. We will have a better idea of schedualing next month at my next appointment.

So there you have it. A New Years baby who may or may not be a girl. :D

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