Jul 16, 2009


We have been invaded by earwigs. I do not exagerate when I say this. I have never in my life seen so many earwigs EVERYWHERE. I can not be sure but I think they be the problem insect in the potatoes as they cover the ground and plants. They are all over the yard and now they are in the house. I kill at least 10 a day in the house myself and the kids go on sprees themselves. I don't know what to do to get rid of them.

I have been searching online to find a solution but so many places say to let them be as they are beneficial in the garden. WHAT! I did just find one site that reccommends Diatomaceous Earth. I have never used DE before but have read its many praises for years. I think I will head to the garden store today and see if they have any.

I checked on the potatoes last night and they are looking awful. Really at this point I think it may be best to dig up what we have and enjoy baby potatoes. *Sigh* Its disappointing to deal with a loss like this but I suppose that is what I get for the neglect. I am still unsure as to what is killing the plants. Its not blight, verticullum wilt, potato beetles, or blister beetles. Really the only insect that is out there in any sort of quantity are the earwigs. Everything I have read says they wont obliterate a crop (other than corn) but really I am starting to doubt that. The potatoes themselves are absolutly beautiful and taste amazing so I am sure there isnt any grub or wire worm issues. I just dont know.

Tonight we will begin setting up more raised beds for the fall garden and next years garden. We went 12 inches deep with the first 3 we built this spring. After the heavy rainfall and maintance watering we have seen a lot of packing (lack of compost and organic materials for sure) of the dirt. I think the 12 inches is to deep for our heavy clay soil. The new boxes will be 8 inches but we will till farther down before setting them up. Hopefully we can get some straw and compost to add in so it can sit and break down over winter.
This weekends to do list:
Build raised beds (probably 10 more 3ftx16ft 8in deep)
Build chicken coop
Order chickens
Till and prep space for berries and fruit trees
Till side yard and prep for bricking and herb beds
That will definatly keep us busy this weekend but with any luck we should be able to get a good portion of it done. Pictures to come of all of our projects and garden.

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Mr. H. said...

Our potatoes start to yellow and wilt about 3 weeks after they flower, and by mid August they are not much to look at. Perhaps yours have peaked as well.