Jul 8, 2009

I am back

I have largely ignored this blog since we decided months ago to sell the house. With all the new developments as of late I think I am ready to come back here and start posting again. All my carefully laid plans, goals, and what nots have been thrown out the window and its time to get back in check.

Last week when we moved, HOLY COW, my house was so dirty!!! It was very obvious to me that the first thing that went out the window was my cleaning schedual. That is a must to get back on track with. I want to revamp it a little bit but I am trying to think of a few thing before i do that. I am excited to get back to a routine and schedual like I used to have. It just works for me and my day goes so much smoother.

The garden needed to be rescued desperatly so this morning before it even had a chance to consider warming up I managed to weed the whole thing! WOOT WOOT. Man it looks nice out there now that you can actually see the plants! We have a nasty something eating our potatoes but for the life of me I can figure out what it is. I did pull up a few plants the other day and those potatoes tasted so very incredibly yummy. If they keep this up I will be in potato heaven come September or so. Everything else is looking great, the carrot tops are about 12-18 inches tall and are so pretty! With the cool season that we have had I dont really know how much I will get as everything was stunted for so long but I am hopefull.

Canning this year is going to be slim I do belive. Since it has been so cold and rainy for so long strawberries did horrible. The wonderful u-pick farm couldnt even open for u-pickers. Sad sad sad. I managed to get a great deal at the grocery store the other day on organic berries so I was able to put up a total of 7 pints of jam. This is no where near what my family eats in a year so I will have to try some different berries or fruits later in the season. If all else fails I will drive down to Brigham City and hit the fruit stands down there. I am holding out for local produce though. I do need to track down some local farms for corn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and a few other things I didnt even plant this year. I am hoping that I will be able to get something at reasonable prices. Regardless later in the month I will start spending the nights making things like stew and soups as these are so handy to just have on the shelf. I havent done much canning of these things in the past but this last year proved to be pretty hectic that I think having some convenience type things would be really helpful.

I will be thinking of some things to post about here in the next few days. I really want to get to the point I blog everyday as i have so much extra floating around in my head all the time! I need to get it out. For now though I am off to get everything ready for the kids to start school on Monday. :) They are excited and I am looking forward to the routine myself.

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