Aug 10, 2009

Veggies and Bread....Crumbs

Last night I pulled up all of the carrots to free up space in that bed to start the fall garden. Here is the basket of goodies I got. The carrots that were shaped well really looked great. However a large percentage of carrots had a very nice top section but then branched into many smaller carrots. They looked a little weird but tasted great. Anyone know why this happens to carrots?

Last night some neighbors dropped off a bunch of cucumbers for us also. As soon as I finish with this post these babies are going to be made into pickles. This is the first year I have done pickles so I hope they turn out with a nice flavor.

The first batch of bread yesterday was a dismal failure. Its been so long since I made any that I forgot my mental must-do's that arent listed in the recipe. Below is a pic. Nice isn't it. So whats a girl to do with 3 loaves of bread that are sunk? Ummm google of course. I found a few tasty recipes for homemade croutons and seasoned bread crumbs.

I cut up 2 loaves and stuck them in the oven (35o degrees) and let them dry out for a few hours. Since this was fresh bread with a lot of moisture in it, it took longer than it would if I was using older bread or bread from the store. Any way here is a pic of a few slices after it has dried in the oven for a while.

Then I followed this recipe . She isn't kidding when she says that it smells fantastic. Oh boy did it. I ended up with an entire gallon bag for the freezer.

Dean and I got the fall tree plan all laid out last night. With any luck this place will look 100% different come Octoberish. And really different here in the next couple of years. Dean is finishing up his second job tonight so he will have a lot more time to dedicate to home projects come this weekend. I hope that we will be able to start crossing these huge projects (and some not so huge) off the list. Here's hoping!

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SentimentsbyDenise said...

I noticed a bit of traffic on my blog coming from your direction so I had to stop by and see why.
Thanks for linking my post of homemade substitutes. So glad you decided to try the bread crumbs suggestion.