Sep 25, 2009

Pictorial Update

Okay just to start, here's a good one just to make you smile. The kiddos have figured out the spider on the swing. :) Its great fun to watch!

The new downstairs storage room as seen from the bottom of the stairs.

The new storage room from the door. This room isnt complete yet and we have decided to wait until spring to finish it. That way we will know for sure if we have indeed stopped the leaks. In the mean time all food is up off the floor and away from any potential leaking area. The black corner you can see in this pic is where one possible leak is. I will water the lawn tomorrow and see how well it works.

The kiddos tearing up so wood that was patched into the kitchen floor. Amazingly they managed to get a good amount torn up with those chisels and toy wood hammers. :)

The new dining room. I loaded this pic in the wrong order so you get to see the after before the before. :) This back wall is the old pantry. By tearing the pantry wall out we were able to gain about 6ish feet to the existing dining room. This allowed us to expand the table to actually fit our family without sitting on each others laps! :) There will be much more to come with this area but as it sits today we satisfied with it for now. Next up, reconfigure the lighting a big MUST!

The pantry space before the wall came down. This space used to be filled with all of our food storage items.

The wall before it came down. This small space is home to our dining room table, computer desk, and school room. The extra spaced we gained here will make a HUGE difference in the effectivness of this space.

And that is all for today. Dean woke up and put in an 8 hour day doing this. We have a lot more to do but it is time to turn our attentions to some other projects and more importantly school. After the holidays we will start working on all this again.

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