Sep 10, 2009

Progress is to slow for me!

Dean has been working all week on the basement. What a task! He has been busy with stairs, drywall, water-proofing, electrical, etc. In my mind of course everything went very quickly. The reality is I have no idea what it takes to tackle a project like this! :) Thankfully Dean does. He is plugging away with probably half of what needs to be done.

This is a shot from under the stairs. This is our problem wall. We (he) coated it with a tar like substance. It needs about 4 more coats and then we will be painting it with a special paint that will help keep any moisture out. He also filled all the cracks on this back wall with a special cement filler that is supposed to stop all leaking. After all of the goop and goo used on that wall water will have to work pretty hard to get through. Next spring if everything goes okay we will frame the walls in and put up drywall. We wanted to get through one season of dryness before doing anything like that though.

This is the bottom of the new stair case. To have the correct rise and run the stair case ended up being 2 stairs (I think) longer than the old case. It makes a much nicer descent downstairs now. I asked Dean to put up this halfwall and so far I really like it.
The finished upper flight of stairs and landing. To correct the rise and run we also ended up with an extra stair here. The old stairs were put together in an ummm....interesting manner. When Dean started to take apart the landing everything came apart together. Nothing was attached. No wonder I felt like I was going to fall each time I went down!!

Dean working on putting the stairs in. This part went pretty quickly considering Dean had never build stairs before. The look great and more importantly they are sturdy, safe and not rotting! What more could you ask for in a stair case? :)

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