Sep 7, 2009

Simplifing even more

Dean no longer has a job. He was laid off last week and while some might be panicing we are quite okay with it. We have some things in the works that will acutally lead to some really great opprotunities so things will be good. In the mean time it will be about the basics around here. We live that way already as most of you know but we'll be tightening down even more the coming weeks. We did go shopping this last week and totally stocked out pantry. When I say stocked I do mean stocked! We now have a 6 mo storage for our entire family which is awesome if you ask me. I will continue to work on getting a 1 year storage. I will be using the baby steps recommended on Fun With Food Storage. The ladies on that site have seriously got it together! I bought their binder and printed out all the info so I have a quick reference guide. Hopefully it wont take all that long before I have a seriously awesome pantry. Time will tell. :)

Obviously there isnt room in this small room for everything. As we speak Dean is downstairs giving our basement a little revamp and love. He is fixing the back wall that has leaked every other year, moving lighting so it is so freakin' creepy, painting, putting dry wall on the ceiling, etc. Mostly cosmetic stuff but in the end it will lead to a very nice room filled with shelves for everything. I am definatly looking forward to it! :)

I am hoping to get a bunch of recipes posted that use only food storage items. That way if any of you are sitting there thinking "Ewww what in the world could I make with food storage" will have a quick reference of recipes to try. Some very tasty stuff that is for sure.

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