Oct 5, 2009

A few weekend projects

This weekend my sister and her kids were here. The whole purpose of this visit was to get a few soups canned and put up for when the babies come and to make 4 dozen diapers. The soup portion of this goal came along just swimmingly (lol I love that word!). We managed to get veggie coups, roasted red pepper soup, and Butternut squash chowder canned. The house smelled incredible for hours! :) I kept 3 of the veggie soup and my sis took the rest.

The diaper portion of the weekend didnt go so great. Our fabric didnt make it in time and in fact is still not here. GRRRR. Anyway we did get a bunch cut out from some other diapers she had and got started on those. I was able to make a few PUL covers you can see here.
These are all newborn size and for the most part turned out really cute. I need to scrounge up my velcro to finish them off but for now they are fine. I will be keeping these ones to use. My sis was able to pick up some seriously cute retro prints from the fabrics store that we will be making the other diapers out of. I am really excited to see what they turn out like. Over all the weekend wasnt as productive as we wanted but we still got quite a bit accomplished. Now I will have to wait for the rest of the fabric, that once I recieve I will be cutting out 50yards worth of diapers!!!! I better find my scissor sharpeners or I will have carpel tunnel!

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