Oct 23, 2009

Diaper Making Diva

Last weekend after our Girls Scouts outing Cailtin and I found ourselves in a silent house with not much to do. We decided to tackle the 50yards of fabric that needed to be ironed and then cut into 5ish dozen diapers for my sister.

Caitlin begged and pleaded to learn to iron and to help witht the tracing of pattern peices. Ironing being one of my least favorite domestic duties I gladly handed it over. She was a little unsure but in the end really enjoyed herself. Next up she wanted to trace pattern peices for the diapers. This one I was a little more hesitant on just because they have to be pretty darn accurate. However I managed to please her with the soaker peices. She traced her little heart out, pinned with such pride and in the end counted her pile of 23 soakers at least 12 times, just to make sure ya know.

We had a great weekend and she is already asking if we can do the same things this weekend. :) I think I have a sewing princess in the making. Not too shabby!

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