Oct 22, 2009

It's the way we roll, yo

So this is where it all started. A huge stack of books from the local library with fun crafty ideas. Seriously after Monday and Tuesday I would have done anything to make Wednesday a better day. Armed with many books I sat down to find just the right thing. Heck I found enough for the whole year! But it came to me as I pondered the books, THE idea. I knew the kids would go for it. I mean come on, what kid doesn't go for an idea that involves running through the house and making as much noise as possible. Yeah I had the right idea.

Get out the art stuff.......

Make a serious mess all over the table and the floor. Creation can not happen in a clean and organized space apperently.

Do not stop moving, even from a photo op.

Get down on the floor if you really have too.

And wahlah! You will have created a super sonic speed racer!

These bad boys go FAST (especially when you have your super fast running shoes on!). The may look like boxes to you but oh no, do not be fooled. These suckers are race cars unlike anything you have ever seen.

And when you are of the male perssuasion and a country boy at that a race car only works for so long. In the end you need something that will let you flex your workin' man muscles a little bit. What better way to do that than with a tow truck. Seriously this truck would have your husband salivating when you knew all the capablilities Ian added. A flat bed with smoke stacks ain't got nothin' on this bad boy!

Peace out!

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