Jan 20, 2010

How fast it goes

Wow the last month has flown by! Laina is already a month and I have to say I have no idea when it happened. Life as usual is crazy hectic busy and all of a sudden I have a 1 mo old. I can see why people really notice their last baby. Everything they do is marked with a mental note "this is the last time I will see this for the first time". I have a sad/happy relationship with this being our last child. I have been taking a lot of pics (as I always do) but this time I notice myself sighing a lot more. Its the end of my baby making days (LOL) and I know that the next 18 years are going to fly faster than I ever thought possible. Heres to the roller coaster ride! :)


The Rice's said...

I know exactly how you feel. That is what I have been doing with Emmie these last 15 months. Its the last time I will see my baby crawl for the first time or cut her first tooth. Ahh.. sad to even type it! It just goes way too fast for me. Laina is a doll, love the dark hair!

Nicole said...

She is adorable. I love baby toes!

Thompson Family said...

wow so much hair! She is adorable!! I lvoe the name-hope I am pronouncing it correctly :) BTW...we will have another around Aug 7!