Feb 28, 2010

Signs of spring

The buds on the lilacs and trees are starting to get plump. On the way to town today the poplars were noticibly thicker. The willows are starting to turn colors too and the last of the geese are flying over head. Spring is not far off and I couldn't be more ready for it to appear. I have been holding off starting seeds indoors because....well just because. Here soon though I will have to make the choice and get them planted. We will see what happens in the future.
Notice the green grass in the corner, yeah its coming back in patches in the garden. I am excited to see it and definately impatient (shocker there huh!?). Some day I may learn to relax a bit but I'm not holding my breath!

This year has been crazy with the mice. I dont know if it is because winter has been so mild or last year so wet but there have been mice EVERYWHERE. These huge holes are at the bottom of our compost bin. This is just a few. When we moved the bin to mix up the pile and ready it for the garden HUGE mice went running everywhere. The kids were squealing and chasing them. It was very entertaining. This spring we have to get the house sealed up better. The mice have come in so much more this year. We have killed....well I wont say how many because its just too many for my comfort. #1 priority as soon as it warms just a bit, seal everything up!!

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