Feb 22, 2010

There is nothing more depressing...

than white paint. Sorry its just how I feel. There is something so lacking when a space is painted white. I think that is why I always hated apartment living. It feels so institutional, so sterile, so lacking. Blah.

I for one am a color kind of gal. I dont care if its just light cream. There must be color. Lots of it, usually paired with red in some way. Really you cant get too much red. Okay thats a lie but still it helps most rooms.

So what does any of this have to do with anything? I just painted my dining room white. Yes, there I said it. Its horrible that I had to stoop to such a level but it is true. And already the room is blah. Its more filled with light which was the ONLY reason I considered doing it but still its blah. Todays goal is to vamp it up a bit. Make it more exciting....somehow. I lack creativity when there is a lot of white involved. I dont know how other people do it. Wish me luck.

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