Feb 10, 2010

Top five fav blogs

Dallas tagged me to share my favorite blogs. Normally I dont do tagging but I read some good blogs so I will share.

Soule Mama- One of my all time favorites. Everything about Amandas blog calms me. Her pics are great, the view is awesome (she is Maine!) and her craftiness is inspiring. But what I love most about her is her out look on life. She is totally positive and thankful for everythin in her life. When I am feeling cranky I go hang out there to get a good dose of beauty and thankfulness.

Balancing Everything- This is another fav crafty blog. This mama owns a diaper fabric shop but her creativness goes far beyond diapers. She is hilarious when she gets on a roll and of course her pictures are incredible. Great for a laugh or a good idea.

Serious Moms- All about taking our role as a mother seriously. Lots of ideas, thoughts, and other tidbits. I havent been reading long but there have been some great ideas.

Pioneer Woman- Seriously one of the most entertaining blogs out there. I know I am not alone in this thinking either because she routinely has 10k comments left on posts. Her pics are incredible, her food is divine (you must try her pancakes...oh yummo!) and she is freakin' funny. Really really really funny. Read her its worth wasting a day ignoring your dishes.

The Knead for Bread- Okay if you know me you know I love bread. Really I havent met a bread yet that I dont like. Good stuff! My sister shared this blog with me last week and already I have at least 8 different loaves I want to try. Oh yummy yummy bread!

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