Mar 14, 2010

Sunday Sunday....

Its greening up slowly but surely. Ahhh the anticipation is fantastic! These pics were taken earlier in the week. Dean has the camera with him on a little adventure I will tell you all about later on. I told him to be snap happy so hopefully he will come home with a lot of eye candy! :) As for Sunday snapshots, well please stay tuned we will return to our normally featured program next week.
I don't plan on posting here to often here for the next while. Probably the whole Sunday snapshots and that's it. In fact this blog will most likely go private here in the near future. I have been working on a few other websites in my spare time ( LOL now that is funny!). As soon as they are up and going I wil give you all the details. For now though plan on a weekly picture session and not much more.

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