Apr 16, 2010

Life around our house

Life around here has been crazy to say the least. We have been so busy it seems like there isnt enough time in a day to accomplish everything. Dean has been spending all day everyday outside working on the many projects we have going. I have been helping outside but also working on a few crafty things. The mood to sew hit me and I am running with it. I have an etsy store and it has been a year since it was last stocked. These two pics show some of the fabrics I am currently working with. For what you might ask....well you'll have to come and see when its all ready!
The long view of our property. This is the garden shot. Dean has been making raised beds and a new chicken coop. Right now we have onions, peas, strawberries, blackberries, saskatoon berries, and blueberries planted in this space. The rest will come as the season progresses.

The new chicken coop, well what you can see of it anyway. When Dean went to Virginia in March he got to see the chicken coop of the guy he was staying with. Once we knew for sure we were staying in Idaho he quickly set to work incorporating some of the ideas he saw there. The coop will hopefully be finished this week. The chicks are already in it tonight and I must say the house smells alot better!

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I have a love affair with tomatoes. I cant help myself. Here are a few glorious plants....a few of the 72 ish that I started. I always start a ton and then the weather takes out a good portion of them. I usually am left with just the right amount. I cant wait till I can make salsa and spaghetti sauce...yumm.

Bulbs are my favorite types of flowers. I havent seen any that I do not like. Lining our front fence we have daffodils, tulips and one lone day lily. One of these days I will get my hands on hundreds of bulbs and they will cover the yard.

Red cabbage and cauliflower stalk. Very pretty if you ask me. These will go in the ground this weekend. We will cover them with a row cover to keep the bugs out.

One of the things we have always hated about this house is the color of the trim. A nice way to describe it is peanut butter.....a more accurate description can be found in a diaper. We bought a gallon (for now) of dark red to paint all the trim. We eventually want to paint the whole house but that will be later on down the road. For now the red trim is coming and I can not wait.

My favorite planters in front of the house. I usually plant pansies here but this year something else is calling my name, I just dont know what it is yet.

The chicks. We bought 30 to start with a couple of weeks ago. The white ones however are HUGE and have since trampled 6 or so. Today they went outside to the coop along with another 10 we bought. Hopefully with more space everyone will be happy.

So there it is....a lot of the sam ole' stuff but a lot of new things too. Tomorrow we will be adding more strawberries and bluberries, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower to the garden. We will also be planting 30 trees. Well 10 Quaking Aspens, 10 Lilacs, and 10 Dogwoods. Grass is on the menu this week also. The chicken coop will be finished and then we will tackle the shed. We are going to be converting our shed into a homeschool room and a tool shed. I have a lot of ideas for the space that I will definatly be sharing in weeks to come. At some point in all of this we will be putting on a new roof, ripping out a wall in the dining room and converting the basement to a bedroom.
One thing you can say for us, things are never dull around here. Have a fantastic weekend everyone~

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