Apr 30, 2010

Our week

First: Blogger hates me. I have tried this post everyday for nearly a week. It never works.

Okay moving on.....this last week has been packed with work around the yard. We decided that we were getting our yard under control and somewhat landscaped this year. We live in a weed patch so this is somewhat of a difficult task. Last weekend we got a dump truck full of mulch as a way to battle the weeds. We will be getting 2 more loads this weekend. We will win the battle on weeds!!

This week we have also seeded the back pasture with grass, planted 30 trees, nearly finished the chicken coop, planted 18 asperagus plants, 40 strawberries, carrots, potatoes, radishes, lettuce... the list goes on and on. Dean has been running like crazy to get everything done. He has a job interview today (right now in fact) and if he gets the job, well work time around the yard will be drastically reduced. Which we are both totally okay with at this point!!

*the back pasture newly tilled and seeded*

* flower boxes filled with wonderful little goodies*

*the spectacular tulips. These babies come back better and better every year. They are my favorite flower hands down!*

*Heritage raspberry plants. They are making a come back after sitting in pots all last year at Deans parents house.*

*Pile o' mulch. This doesn't look all that impressive but at this point it had been driven over with a tractor and compacted. It was way bigger looking before that. This entire pile has been distributed around the new lilacs and garden paths.*

* Cauliflower*

*Meat birds, cornish x rocks. These babies grow unbelievably fast, eat insane amounts of food and taste fantastic with BBQ sauce. :)*

*The completed chicken run. The chicks are still a little small to spend much time in here. Its been too cold so they just run out and then run back into the coop.*

*the nearly completed chicken coop. Dean will finish siding it and we still have to get a window in the back side. I plan on planting a bunch of sunflowers around it for a bit of color.*
Well that is it around our house. School is winding up and all house projects are on hold until the outside is done. We still have a lot of work to do outside. If the weather would cooperate for 2 days we could be finished up. With the wind blowing like it is, I just dont see that happening anytime soon.
Have a lovely weekend.

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Gina said...

Love all the pics from your place! I can't believe all you have done!