May 17, 2010

Backyard Nature Day

Today we moved our wood pile to make room for a future fire pit and other things. We also had a bunch of old building materials that we needed to get moved. Dean happened to pick up a peice of plywood that had been lying down for some time. Underneath we found a mouse nest. We both glaced at it and made a "oh look a nest" comment and moved on. Ian however decided to look a little closer and he found the nest filled with babies! We had the mother mouse totally freaked out and it caused her to mover her babies to another location. We got the whole thing on video. It was pretty cool to watch. What amazed both Dean and I, was how quickly she got over the instinct to run and instead focused on the instinct to save her babies. It was pretty interesting to watch.

Here is the second nest we found. This one was hidden under some old firewood. This mouse didnt have as far to go to move her babies. There were actually two mice coming and going from this nest, although only one is actually moving the babies. One of the babies was left behind for some reason.

***OKay I tried to load the 2nd video for 2 hours tonight. It isnt working. I will try again tomorrow!*****

After this we found a squirmy nest of some nasty little bug. I took a video but it didnt turn out all that great. Then we found a big frog inside some black plastic wrap. The morning started out with seeing a cream and black snake in a friends driveway and ended with seeing a jack rabbit in the same driveway. Overall it was an interesting day filled with animals of all sorts. The kids were in heaven and we had a fun time seeing all these different critters.

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Mr. H. said...

How fun for your children to be able to see all of the little critters. It really is amazing how strong the mothering instinct is in that mouse, I've never seen anything like that before. It really is pretty neat that you were able to catch it on video.