May 28, 2010

Garden Sunset

Last night the sunset was amazing. The yard was covered in shadows, from what I couldn't say. It was beautiful to say the least. The sunset reminded me of a Thomas Kincaid painting. While his work is amazing, nature has him beat hands down!

Peppermint plant in the garden. The flies were a total bonus.

The peas are loving the cool weather. I am loving the fact they actually have come up!

I planted a few onion sets from last year with the hopes they will go to seed. I plan to save the seed for next year. So far all the old sets are starting to flower so I think my plan will work out.

The raised beds. Most are planted now and everything is looking fine, despite the hail storm that hit yesterday.

Sweet little tomato plant. This baby is an heirloom of some variety. I lost so many of my starts that I no longer know which plant is which. All I care is that they all grow into wonderful tomato filled vines! This year I am trying a red plastic mulch from Gardens Alive. This is supposed to produce greater yields, stronger vines, and more vigorous plants.

The back tree that will soon meets its demise. We love this tree but it is dying a very fast death caused by wood borers. We had a tree guy come out and look at it. Three years ago he gave it 5 years max before it was dead. This year there are only a few leaves on the whole tree. So sad.


The Rice's said...

You take some amazing pictures. They always look like they could have come straight out of a magazine. Do you have an expensive camera or do you actually just know how to use a cheaper one? If it is the second choice I need some lessons! :)

Kim said...

No fancy camera here. I have the Nikon Coolpix 60. It was about 50 bucks I think. I started paying attention to all the blogs with pics that I liked and started trying different things out. These are my good ones. I just deleted 700 pics from my computer that were not good! :D Trial and error.