May 19, 2010

In my yard today.....

I love this little red flower!

We seeded the back pasture a few weeks ago. The amount of weeds that grew in this space was outrageous! The grass is taking pretty patchy right now. We are hoping that it will continue germinating and will fill in before the weeds make a comeback.

Fruit trees that we bought a few weeks ago. Two are doing great while 3 are not. The nectarine and peach trees just dont seem to be taking well. I hope that we are able to save them. I plan to get some fertilizer (organic of course) and see if that will help.

Saskatoon Berry bush. I ordered these from Gurneys last year because they were advertised as a great blueberry for Western Regions. Later on I found out by reading Subsistence Pattern
that they aren't like a blueberry at all. However they do make a wonderful pie so I am okay with them sticking around. ;) We did plant some bluberries this year but so far it doesnt look like they will make it.

Ahhh yes the chickens. This picture was taken last night after a special treat was given to the chickens. They were such happy little buggers. Now.....well they were dog food last night. Our neighbors dogs have managed to kill 95 birds over the last 3 years. He refuses to do anything about it. Last night, not only did they kill the remaining 6 (of an original 30) but they also tore apart the fencing and managled the lid to the nesting boxes. Dean called the sheriffs department and was told to "bait em', trap em', and shoot em'." Because we live in the county there is no action that can be taken except by us. So.....

We planted these onions from sets. There are a few thrown in that were from last year (I grew those from seed). The old ones are already starting to flower out. I plan to let them go and save the seed for next year. My hope is to let a few plants of everything go to seed so that I can begin saving seed.

This is the first year that I have managed to get peas to grow! WOO HOO!! Dont mind the weeds, thats on todays agenda. In this bed are also some lettuce and radishes that havent germinated much yet.

Our local organic strawberry farm has experienced some issues with crop this year. It looks like they will have a limited crop available (such was the case last year too). So it looks like the only strawberries I will be getting will come from our garden. That is a bummer since I lost about 50 plants this year. I will have to see if I can track down a lot more plants.

I can say a lot of negative things about the land here but the sky never fails to amaze me!!

The veiw straight back. Normally this is knee high weeds by now. This is a welcome change! The area in the foreground will become an area for BBQ, fire pit and picnic table. Once the grass takes, I will have Dean make some raised beds for herbs and flowers.

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Gina said...

Wow! You are a lot calmer then I would be if dogs killed my chickens! I get mad at my neighbor's peacocks for the mess they make on our deck! Hope you can find some sort of workable situation.