May 5, 2010

Kites and chunk

Caitlin bought a couple cheap kites from the dollar store. We tried them out this morning for about 10 minutes before they broke. It was just enough time to give the kids a thrill. We will be buying more next week when we go to town.

Laina has grown so quickly. Today she rolled over for the first time.

Just like her older sister, she has a great personality and is quick to smile, coo and laugh.

See that mischevious glint in his eye? Its there all the time. In fact most times he comes into a room I have to ask "okay what have you been up to?" Usually his reply is belly laughs and "Nothinggggg mom." Uh-huh I don't belive him.
Finals this week for me. I am so glad its all done for now. Wish me luck, I have a few more days until I can breath eaasy.

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