Jun 27, 2010

Garden and Grins

We have an awesome friend who is getting experience before opening up a photography business. She called the other day and asked us to come over and let her have a go with our kids. I was game and here are just a few of the shots we got that day.

We had our first garden goody today. We harvested enough broccoli to have with pasta for lunch and a small head of lettuce. Everything is looking so incredible (well as long as I ignore the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons and squash). The onions are taller than Ian and nearly as tall as Caitlin. Cabbage is looking nice but I am sort of concerned. All the heads are really loosly formed. I dont know if this is how these varieties are or if the weather has turned to hot to fast and they aren't going to grow right. I suppose I will see here in a while. The peas are incredible! We have hundreds of little pods covering the plants. There are still tons of blooms. I think we will get an awesome harvest which makes my heart pitter patter.

Broccoli, cabbage and carrots

Peas and sunflower

Sunflower, cabbage, broccoli, and carrots. I let this broccoli plant go to seed so I can save for next year.

This little baby was delightful for lunch!

I should have supported the peas long ago but honestly I didn't expect them to live this long! They are climbing their way up each other and have created a tight little block of peas.

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Nicole said...

Cute kids! They all look like siblings, a mix of you and Dean. We're heading up to Idaho this week...maybe we'll see if we can make a trip towards your place:)