Jul 21, 2010

Garden Goodies Tonight

Everyone crashed tonight except Caitlin and I so we grabbed a bowl and headed to the garden.  The prize??  A cabbage, 4 onions, 3 broccoli heads and 2 peas.  I told you it was slim pickin's this year. ;) Regardless of how little the harvest was all of it is beautiful.  Check these babies out.....

Okay I just had to share because everything looked so pretty.  And the spell was just as fantastic! Good night all.


mimi said...

Hey there, I came over from WTM. I love your blog. We used to live in the country....just moved near NYC :( I am starting to really miss country living.
Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

The country life is for me! We spent time in Portland Or this month and I thought I would go crazy! :) There is something to be said for crickets, gardens and fresh air.

That said I've always wanted to go to NYC! :)

Mr. H. said...

What a fantastic bowl of produce and everything is so big. Very nice.:)