Oct 13, 2010

Around the farm

So technically we live on a farm.  The property is part of over 300 acres Deans grandpa owns.  This is the original house built somwhere around 1900 or so.  Rambling on the property are a barn, lopsided tack shed and a grainery.  We have taken the grainery and converted it to house our nearly 50 chickens.  The tack shed is something we don't know what to do with and the barn is a dream in progress.  Assuming this house starts to feel more "us" and we decide we do want to buy it, we will do a major overhaul of all the buildings as well as the land.  But for right can have a peek at what we have out the back door.


Mr. H. said...

Your property is absolutely

Kim said...

Mr.H- The mountains to the south of us are breath taking most days. On the other three sides we are surrounded by hay fields, which are beautiful in their own right.
We live 12 miles outside the city and I have to say I love that.

P.S. I would love to have a few of your trees and woods near by!!