Oct 17, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

Here are the first in the house makeover photos.  The bathroom if you remember was one of the worst rooms in the house.  To even move in, we had to rip out flooring, plumbing, fixtures, etc.  The only things that stayed in the room were the walls and the window (for now).

So here you are, the bright, happy, mold free bathroom! ;)

We have a big storage cupboard behind the bathroom door but its a little too far to store shampoo and conditioner.  I hung up this little shelf about the tub and it works perfectly.  I have an idea based on a picture I found at Home and Harmony. Isn't her laundry room (and home) a dream!  Anyway for now this little shelf works just fine.

I took a couple of broken frames and had Caitlin paint them up really quick (in fact they are wet in this pic!).  I was going to insert fabric in them but in the end I left them be.  I like their simplicity.

I love this curtain fabric!  I picked it up at the very  best fabric store ever.  Its part of the Bliss collection if you that means anything to you.  It has flecks of blue in it, that while a different color than the walls, work really well with the whole look.  I love, love, love this fabric!

The flooring has been the very  best improvement so far.  To be able to walk in the room without shoes on has been a blessing (who knew!).  This is a simple sticky back tile that can actually be grouted.  We plan on grouting it but for now this works. 

One last shot.  I am loving the blue, which is saying a lot since I am a warm color/tones kind of gal.  This room is like being on the beach, without the glaring sun.

Just a little different than the other bathroom huh?  If all goes well, kitchen pics are up next.

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Nicole said...

Wow you guys are amazing! Want to come decorate my home?