Oct 7, 2010

Lesson learned

One should never blog when they are down in spirit!  Today as I wandered around in a haze (I have a horrible sinus infection that has about knocked me out) I started to notice some of the little things around here that really are "us".  I think that I am so overwhelmed by the task before us that I can not see past it.  While this house does not feel like home right now, I can do the little things to help make it a home. 

(PS Yes I am aware of how bi-polar my posts are right now.  It is rare that I am overwhelmed and stressed out, I have reached my breaking point this last month.  Have patience with me.)

 The mighty fantastic fabric store had a sale last week.  I went with the plan of purchasing a horrible amount of fabric for a million and a half projects.  I somehow managed to restrain myself and came home with only a couple of projects worth of fabric.  It was delightful just being around all the patterns and smells of fabric.  The only thing more inspiring to me are books.  Between books and fabric I can happily live and create a world of wonder!  Anyway I walked away with curtain fabrics for the girls room and my bedroom, fabric for napkins, and a quilt for our bed.  My first real quilt.  I am so excited that I smile every time I see it stacked on my dresser.

I first planned to follow a pattern found in the book Material Obssession called the Avalon.  It is a simple straight forward quilt using 18" blocks.  But true to my "cant follow directions, patterns, rules etc." nature I decided to tweak and twist it.  Now I will be making my own version of this simply and beautiful quilt and in the process I am going to learn how to hand quilt.  This will be big for me because I am not very patient and I dont care for tedious (perhaps this is why I stink at knitting? hmmmm) work.  However, I love the way hand quilting looks so I am going to give it a go.

So up to this point I have tackled the bathroom curtains and kitchen curtains.  Still to go, 3 bedrooms, front room, dining room, master bedroom and front porch.  Most of those will be simple and straightforward however I am leaning to a roman shade for the front porch.  We'll see how ambitious I get.  I will share pictures of the house, fabric and what not tomorrow.  But until then.....

::A little look at the kitchen.  This is a vinyl piece I picked up on Etsy from A Lucky Horseshoe :: 

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