Oct 19, 2010

Yellowstone Weekend

This past weekend we decided to pack up and head to West Yellowstone.  We left Friday night and crashed at my sisters place.  Saturday we headed up the mountain.  We stopped in West Yellowstone to grab a whopping $30 worth of candy! (Who knew fudge was worth $30!!) and then headed into the park.  The day was cold and rainy but very beautiful.  For most of our drive fog surrounded everything.  The sky was gray and it was a chilly 36 degrees.  It was wonderful.

Over the course of a few hours we saw many elk, including a massive bull (seen below), a Trumpeter Swan (either that or a Tundra Swan), Canadian Geese, bison, a coyote, ducks, squirrels, prong horn, Sandhill Crane (also pictured below), and a million ravens.  We made a game out of finding different animals.  Ian had a blast, Caitlin had a breakdown, and Lauren had a nap.  Dean and I enjoyed it and wished we could have stayed longer.

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