Nov 27, 2010

I am Thankful

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of Thanksgiving!  How unlike me.  We had 20 guests here on Thursday.  The food was good but the company was better.  The day was a mixed emotion one for me.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as I am a firm believer in giving Thanks for all that we do have.  However the day brought bad news on 3 levels.  The worst being Deans grandma had a stroke and wasn't found for about 16 hours (they think.  We didnt find out about this until Friday morning).  The other two news tidbits were enough to make this non-cryer cry more than a few tears.

Life is a struggle at times and times like this really get a person down.  We have spent more than a few hours in the last 2 days coming up with a game plan.  We are exhausted, emotionally drained and without a lot of options. 

However, even in all this stress and uncertainty I will say this.......

I am so Thankful for my beautiful family and for this life I am blessed to live.  What a wonder life is and although its hard I look forward to many more blessings and trials. 

I am blessed and I am Thankful!


Savannah McQueen said...

What beautiful pictures and the last one is over the top precious!

Jessica said...

Kim - sorry to bug you over here, but I haven't heard back from Cassie & was wondering if everything is okay. I sent her a few banner headers to look at in exchange for those marvelous Viking hats. If she's just busy that is totally fine, just wanted to make sure she didn't think I blew her off if she wasn't getting my emails ;o)

Kim said...


Everything is okay with Cassie. We haven't talked blogs in a while so I will check with her about those headers! I will have her get in touch with you ASAP. :)

Kim said...

Savannah- Thanks! I love taking pictures. Its one thing that saves my sanity at times :)